A detail of finished artwork entitled 'A fortune to be told'.
Concept sketch for a piece for an exhibition on The Art of Superstition.
Model of the gypsy, Madame Rosa.
Detail of finished image.
A fortune to be told.
Finished artwork for an exhibition on The Art of Superstition.
Madame Rosa purveyor of futures both fortunate and foul. Cross her palm with silver to discover yours...
The art of fortune telling is in many ways the ultimate superstition, the means to avoid bad futures or to help bring on bad fortune in others
In Martin's piece he brings to life this practice through the use of seven seperate elements making a whole image:
A cracked mirror indicating bad luck.
Magpies, one for sorrow, two for joy.....
It is considered good luck to have a bird poo on you.
Misfortune follows when you step on the cracks in a pavement.
It is bad luck to walk under a ladder.
Black cats are considered both good and bad luck and Madame Rosa the lucky gypsy...beware of her curse.
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