design by onetreestudio
emerald gold logo egg food by onetreestudio
Emerald Gold.
Logo design for a brand of Free Range Eggs
SOS squad La Roche Posay by OneTree Studio
SOS Squad Logo for La Roche Posay.
Logodesign for the SOS sqaud (Save Our Skin), a children's campagin to promote use of sun cream and good suncare practices.
Powerhouse fitness logo - onetreestudio
Powerhouse Fitness.
Logo design for Fitness Centre with spin-off icons for Foods, training and 'your' Powerouse.
Daniel Doherty bread bag design - one tree studio
Daniel Doherty Bakery packaging.
Packaging design for Daniel Doherty Bakery including labels, bags and bread wrappers.
1800 Oilman lorry branding by One Tree Studio
1800 Oilman.
Lorry branding for 1800 Oilman.
Irish food icon by Onetreestudio
Irish Food icon.
Designed and copyrighted by One Tree Studio. This logo is only used by Irish companies that work with One Tree Studio, highlighting their and our commitment to Irish jobs.
Inishstone logo and branding by One Tree Studio
Logo and branding for Inishstone stone masons, to be carried across all stationery, on-line and on vehicle.

Custom Detail logo and branding by One Tree Studio
Logo and branding for Custom Detail, an Auto detailing company.
Shrinkies logo design by One tree Studio
Ballyfree Shrinkies.
Logo design and branding for all Ballyfree Shrinkies, including labels on-line and promotional materials.
Farren's Bar logo and branding - onetreestudio
Farren's Bar branding.
Logo design and branding for Farren's Bar, the most Northerly Bar in Ireland, including signage.
Ballyfree egg pack design by onetreestudio
Ballyfree Free Range Eggs.
Label design for Ballyfree Eggs.
Oliver Kay - mushroom tray lid design - one tree studio
Oliver Kay.
Series of mushroom lids for Oliver Kay foods from button Mushrooms to Portabello.
Daniel Doherty Van branding by ontreestudio
Daniel Doherty Van design.
Branding for vehicles for Daniel Doherty Bakers.
Ballyliffin Golf Club logo and branding - by onetreestudio
Ballyliffin Golf Club.
Logo to be carried across all corporate stationery, on-line content, clothing and product.
Basketcase logo and branding by One Tree Studio
Basket Case.
Branding identity for Basketcase gift company.
1800 Oilman logo and branding by One Tree Studio
1800 Oilman.
Branding for 1800 Oilman to be used across all stationery, advertising and on vehicles. One Tree Studio were also asked to do all of these.